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At New Life our curriculum is made of of 4 key components which we combine to provide developmentally appropriate instruction in every classroom.

Chapel Curriculum

Using the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum, our three to 5 years old students take a journey each year through the entire Bible. Every week we see how every story in the Old and New Testaments points to Jesus! He is the climax of God’s Big Story. This theologically rich curriculum is engaging to little ones and helps them understand the story of our salvation through Christ in a way that is rich and inviting.

We use a simpler Bible Curriculum called God Loves Me to walk through these same stories for the first time with our youngest learners ages 0-2.

Conscious Discipline

Implementing Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline in our classrooms helps children learn to build trust, form healthy attachments, develop impulse control, identify their own emotions and take age appropriate steps to calm themselves and regain composure. Learning and practicing these invaluable life skills helps lay a foundation for future classroom success.

Frog Street Curriculum

Frog Street is a research-based curriculum which creates a language-rich environment in every classroom (Infants to Threes) by giving children opportunities to sing, enjoy read-alouds, and talk. Frog Street helps children build vocabulary and comprehension, print awareness, alphabet knowledge and phonemic awareness.

Frog Street also teaches cause and effect, classification, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, order, sequencing, and numeration. These skills are building blocks for thinking both critically and creatively.

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Get Set for School Pre-K Curriculum by Learning without Tears

In our Pre-K Classroom we use Get Set for School, a complete Pre-K Curriculum from Learning without Tears. Get Set for School is a research-based curriculum that focuses on 6 domains of development.

  • Language and Literacy

  • Social Emotional Development

  • Penmanship and Writing

  • Numbers and Math

  • Science and Social Studies

  • And Physical Development

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